Image of the back of a young, white, woman with long blond hair, wearing a sun hat, a peach t-shirt and jeans. She's standing in a sunflower field and holding her hands up in the shape of a heart.
Photo of Elizabeth Anglin by Hannah Woodring, used with permission

Welcome to Living Love Out Loud

This blog captures pieces of my journey learning to do allyship with all marginalized folx, teaching others how to do allyship in the conservative Midwest, and talking transparently about mental health – all taboo issues in Kansas. I set out years ago to break the taboos with those nearest me – my family and friends.

This whole adventure started with me choosing to not let fear be the boss of me. Let’s face it, taboo-breaking conversations can be scary. I often felt afraid to speak out, to show up, to be seen, but writing only felt half as terrifying. In fact, I started writing because sometimes I felt like I must write or explode.

When I started writing, I wrote only for myself. Later, I began writing to connect with others and to help others feel like they weren’t alone. To my surprise, my messages often resonated. I started writing to inspire empathy, understanding, love, and respect. Again to my surprise, people I didn’t know shared my words.

Once upon a time I described myself on this blog as “just a soccer mom doing my best to make a difference”. Now, thanks to years of speaking out, showing up, and being seen, I also own the identities of advocate, community leader, and connetworker (yes, I made that word up).

Feel free to join me on this adventure! If you’re looking for more structured support to feel empowered to use your own voice to create change in your environments, feel free to contact me through my Leadership Consulting and Coaching business, Center of Daring.

– Liz Hamor, she/her